PTSD Recovery Journal: Reflective Prompts and Evidence-Based Practices to Help You Heal and Grow

Understand and manage PTSD with healing journal prompts

Recovering from trauma is an emotional process that can feel overwhelming, but journaling is an effective way to help you come to terms with your experience so you can begin to heal. The PTSD Recovery Journal offers guidance and tools to manage and understand your PTSD symptoms, ensuring that you feel safe and in control during your recovery.

What sets this PTSD workbook apart from other trauma books:

  • A progressive journal format—Evidence-based prompts encourage you to identify your thoughts and behaviors, focus on your body and sensations, and understand how healing happens gradually.
  • Exercises and affirmations—Positive words and introspective activities help you feel supported in tough moments.
  • Support for any type of trauma—Find the strength to navigate all kinds of trauma, whether it’s from military combat, an abusive relationship, an accident, or anything else that’s been difficult to overcome, no matter how big or small.


Finding peace and recovery after trauma is possible, and the PTSD Recovery Journal is your first step.