Frequently Asked Questions

How does tele-therapy work?

We conduct our online sessions as if we were in an office environment. We use a secure platform that is HIPAA compliant to help protect your privacy. It is a very easy and reliable system. Within 24 hours of our scheduled appointment, you will receive a reminder about our session time. You will also receive a secure link directing you to the video-secure platform to begin our session during our appointment time.

All consents for services are also electronically signed and housed within our HIPAA compliant electronic health record.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

We are committed to decrease the barriers to access for mental health services. We do reserve a limited amount of slots for clients who need a sliding scale fee. Please discuss this with us during our initial phone consultation to explore further options.

How long does each therapy session take?

Each session is about 45-60 minutes depending on the service being provided. Individual psychotherapy sessions are 45-50 minutes in length.

Do you take insurance?

At this time we do not take insurance. We can however, provide you with a super bill if your insurance offers out of network benefits. Please contact your insurance plan to obtain more details regarding this coverage as well as reimbursement details for super bills provided.

Where do you offer in-home sessions?

In-home sessions, within the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, are on an as-needed basis. Please inquire with your preferred therapist. For those in other parts of California or New York, tele-therapy services are available.

Do you offer EMDR virtually/online?

Yes we do! We use a specific software that helps us create the bilateral simulation that helps with eye movement. It is very easy to use on the computer, phone, or tablet. Your therapist will share more details about the process to easily begin eye movement when the time is right within your treatment sessions.

Does every therapist offer EMDR therapy?

Yes, all of our therapists offer EMDR therapy services virtually. EMDR is a fantastic form of therapy with many benefits. If you have questions about how EMDR works, please send us a message. 


Are you bilingual?

Most of our therapists are Spanish speakers. This is important for the work that we do as it allows us to be able to validate experiences from a multicultural standpoint. 

Have more questions? Send us a message!