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Ep. 13 Out of the Shadows: MS Disease

Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 13 of Therapy, Etc Podcast where I have Gabby Gonzalez Leung, sharing about her experience about her recent diagnosis, Multiple Sclerosis, otherwise known as MS. 

Autoimmune diseases are debilitating and often undetectable to passersby but those of us living with these conditions can attest to how lonely and spiritually weakening these conditions can be. March of 2019 brought the scariest moment of Gabby Gonzalez Leung’s life when headaches and double vision led to an emergency MRI and the introduction of the words “Multiple Sclerosis” from a team of neurologists at UCLA Medical. Although nothing can cure MS, Gabby has been able to manage her physical and mental well-being through an overhaul of her relationship with food, embracing the practice of daily gratitude, her spiritual faith, and seeking the help of her therapist to cope with the new normal.

I hope you enjoy this episode and are able to gain knowledge and information on how you can obtain support for yourself or a loved one. This is difficult and no one should be going through this alone.


If you or someone you know is struggling with an autoimmune disease, please feel free to reach out directly to Gabby Gonzalez Leung for help or support:


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The Therapy, Etc. Podcast is a bi-monthly conversation with Patricia Alvarado, a licensed mental health therapist in Los Angeles, CA. Within Therapy, Etc., Patricia uses her clinical skills along with everyday situations to help normalize mental health and decrease the stigma related to mental health services. As a first generation Mexican American Latinx woman, she has noticed that many everyday experiences encompass mental health. As she began to lean into the question, “are you analyzing me?” she discovered that the movies that we watch, food that we eat, the way that we take care of ourselves, among other things, share one common thing: mental health. Join her as she explores various topics through the lens of a first generation Latinx woman and digs deep into all things mental health.

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Patricia Alvarado

Patricia Alvarado is a daughter of immigrants and first generation Mexican American. She grew up believing that mental health meant you were crazy and difficult conversations were considered a taboo. She has lived in various places throughout her life, including Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico where as a young teenager she noticed herself navigating her identity as both a proud Mexicana and an Americana. Today, her path has led her to the mental health field as a licensed psychotherapist and podcast host, continuing the conversations surrounding mental health and how it is present in many things that we naturally do.